VANITY FAIR: “Absorbing! Both Abraham and Kearns are show business and pop culture savants!”

DAILY MAIL ONLINE: “What if the cliche ‘the show must go on’ wasn’t really true?”

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: “The backstory on how the book came together and how they helped set the record straight!”

THE TELEGRAPH (UK): “In life and death, there really is no business like show business!”

NY DAILY NEWS: “Show stoppers: Sometimes, ‘Curtains!’ means just that!”

NY POST: A recommendation for The Show Won’t Go On

DEADLINE.COM: “Now there’s a book actually devoted to those who have, literally, died onstage!

HOUSTON PRESS: “There’s never been any book like it, which makes it all the more compelling!”

MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE: “New book digs deeper into the death of Tiny Tim on Minneapolis stage!”

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MONTREAL & TORONTO TIMES: “A page-turning catalogue! Runs the gamut! I guarantee that you will be immediately hooked by every story!”

LA WEEKLY: “Two Nights in The Valley: Nick Menza, Warne Marsh & All That Jazz Rock” (excerpts from The Show Won’t Go On)

DAVID HARTNELL’S HOLLYWOOD (NEW ZEALAND): “I happily award The Show Won’t Go On five out of five stars!”

FORCES OF GEEK: “FOG chats with ‘The Show Won’t Go On’ authors Jeff Abraham & Burt Kearns!”

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CHORTLE UK: “The first comprehensive study of performers, including comics, who died on the job!”

LA JOLLA CA. LIGHT: Corey Levitan on “Dick Shawn’s Big La Jolla finish”: “No one was sure exactly what they witnessed.”

MARK EVANIER’S NEWS FROM ME: “Fascinating, interesting, enlightening — and not all the stories are sad!”

PAUL HARRIS ONLINE: “A great read! The stories often border on the unbelievable!”

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THE SYNCOPATED TIMES: “An entertaining and informative read that rejoices in that fact these performers had lived and performed!”

PLEASEKILLME.COM: Top 10 deaths of drummers onstage — and “a chance to win a signed copy!”

FINE MEDIUM & BROAD: The Top 10 Most Shocking Onstage Deaths of All Time!

BOOKLIST: “Laced with intrigue… the perfect book for the morbidly curious, the gawkers, and anyone fascinated by peculiar deaths!”

BROADWAY DIRECT: The Show Won’t Go On is one of Bookfilter’s 2019 Fall Picks for Theater Lovers

SAN FRANCISCO REVIEW OF BOOKS: “Their research is impeccable! The authors prove to be great scene-setters!”

THE LAUGH BUTTON: “Goes beyond the superficial headlines and really dives deep into who they were as performers and people!”

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LAUGHSPIN.COM: “Abraham and Kearns give a sneak peek of their upcoming book with a top 10 list of most epic onstage deaths.”

ELVIS INFORMATION NETWORK: “This project began with an Elvis tribute concert…”

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