VANITY FAIR: “Absorbing! Abraham and Kearns share a profound respect for entertainers!”

DAILY MAIL ONLINE: “What if the cliche ‘the show must go on’ wasn’t really true?”

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: “The backstory on how the book came together and how they helped set the record straight!”

THE TELEGRAPH (UK): “In life and death, there really is no business like show business!”

NY DAILY NEWS: “Show stoppers: Sometimes, ‘Curtains!’ means just that!”

DEADLINE.COM: “Now there’s a book actually devoted to those who have, literally, died onstage!

HOUSTON PRESS: “There’s never been any book like it, which makes it all the more compelling!”

MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE: “New book digs deeper into the death of Tiny Tim on Minneapolis stage!”

MONTREAL TIMES: “A page-turning catalogue! Runs the gamut! I guarantee that you will be immediately hooked by every story!”

FORCES OF GEEK: “FOG chats with ‘The Show Won’t Go On’ authors Jeff Abraham & Burt Kearns!”

VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE: “Incredibly compelling reading! If you are like me and love show biz stories, you will really love this book!”

THE LOWBROW READER: “Here’s a book to dig! What might have proved grim or exploitative turns celebratory!”

CHORTLE UK: “The first comprehensive study of performers, including comics, who died on the job!”

WGN RADIO: Jeff Abraham interviewed on The Bill and Wendy Show

LONG ISLAND NEWS RADIO: Frank MacKay interviews Burt Kearns

PLEASEKILLME.COM: Top 10 deaths of drummers onstage — and “a chance to win a signed copy!”

MARK EVANIER’S NEWS FROM ME: “Fascinating, interesting, enlightening — and not all the stories are sad!”

PLUCKED FROM THE STACKS: “There’s an undercurrent of brightness reflected in this book! A wonderful celebration!”

BOOKLIST: "The perfect book for the morbidly curious, the gawkers, and anyone fascinated by peculiar deaths!  Laced with intrigue and respectful at the same time, this sensitive portrayal of sensational deaths is a wonderful read for those looking for a unique twist on true crime.”

SAN FRANCISCO REVIEW OF BOOKS: “Their research is impeccable! The authors prove to be great scene-setters! The book is far more engaging than the collections of New York Times obituaries that find publishers all the time…”

BOOK & FILM GLOBE: “Never disrespectful, never goes for the cheap laughs! A successful nonlethal combination of death and entertainment!”

PLAYBILL.COM: “A must-read theatre book to bring to the beach this summer! This is for fans of the weird and obscure!”

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