Sadly, I must say this is a great read. But I’ve done at least 50,000 shows, many in front of sociopaths, so if you want to trust a dead man, be my guest!

Richard Lewis


THE SHOW WON’T GO ON is a gift from heaven! Jeff Abraham and Burt Kearns have not only written a fascinating, fun and essential showbiz history book, they’ve also answered questions that have haunted me for years, and put to rest long-circulated urban myths.

artist and illustrator Drew Friedman


From comedian Dick Shawn to country star Onie Wheeler, this morbid survey of performers who literally died onstage is a remarkable read. Abraham and Kearns have managed the impossible -- an obsessive book about death that is truly a celebration of life.

Kliph Nesteroff, author, The Comedians


As someone who’s died on stage more times than I’d like to remember, I really enjoyed this book. 

Gilbert Gottfried


This is a cool, crazy and very entertaining deep dive into a taboo topic from a pair of pop culture scholars with an appreciation for the overlooked, offbeat and often dark lore of show business.

Legs McNeil, coauthor, Please Kill Me


THE SHOW WON’T GO ON is a treasure trove of fascinating vignettes! The irony is that it isn’t really about death but about life, painting vivid human portraits while at the same time celebrating the glory of shoving off this mortal coil in the most public – and spectacular – of ways.

Ray Richmond, author and entertainment critic